You can’t gain muscle and burn fat at the same time: Myth (Day 20)

Losing fat

Losing fat

I’m pretty much half way through the detox and it’s the leanest I’ve been since starting it. My weight stayed a constant 68kg. My body fat dropped 0.3% to 17.3%. Body Water was up to 56.8% and Body Muscle up 0.2% to 43.0%. Since the start my weight has dropped 1.9kg from 69.9kg to 68kg. My Body fat has dropped 1.5% from 18.8% to 17.3%. My Body Water has increased 1% from 55.8% to 56.8% and my Body Muscle has increased 0.7% from 42.3% to 43.0%. These statistics dispel the myth that in order to gain muscle you must also put on fat. Admittedly my progress has been slow, but my fat percentage has dropped whilst my muscle mass has grown. This proves that theoretically it is possible to do both at the same time. It is probable that my progress can be accelerated by tweaking my exercise regime and diet. I shall have to discover improvements as I go along. 

For breakfast I had a hot lemon juice followed by quinoa, coconut milk, strawberries, raspberries and agave nectar. 

For lunch I had red lentils with whole grain basmati rice. 

Give me a refund

Give me a refund

I went to Argos to return the blender I bought from them on Sunday. On their website it gives the impression it comes with a mill, but upon unpacking I found that it doesn’t. No surprise there from this appalling company. On my way to Argos I received a call from my wife informing me of the sad news of my grandfather passing away. I was almost there so I decided to continue with my journey anyway. Obviously at this stage I was in no fighting mood. When I asked for a refund at Argos, the member of staff called Toni asked me why I wanted to return it. I told her that the Argos website gave the impression it came with a mill when it doesn’t. She looked at my receipt and responded with “Well you viewed it before you bought it.” In normal circumstances I might have responded with “So what are you implying sweetheart? Is it my fault that Argos is mis-selling your products?” But obviously I was not in a mood to let myself be provoked. I wanted a refund quickly and I wanted to get home and be with the family. So I told her that I hadn’t paid attention at the time and expected all parts to be there. (Actually, the reason my receipt showed I had viewed the product is because I wanted to check the user guide to see if it could grind nuts, which it could do with the mill! But I couldn’t be bothered to explain.) I got my refund, returned home and then made my way to my parents home. 

On the way I fancied treating myself and so bought Iranian dates and a carton of 100% pure grape juice made from cold pressed grapes. 

Bats in trees at dusk

Bats in trees at dusk

I got back home earlier than expected and so I went for a stroll around the park with my wife. We walked around the park twice, but without timing how long it took. I got to show her the bats in the park as the sun set. Yes there really are bats in Valentines Park, and I’m not just seeing things. There are so many you can’t miss them. In fact you’d be lucky if they miss you as they fly very low and very fast. 

In the evening I snacked on some mixed nuts while relaxing and watching a movie.

August 29th, 2010
40 Day Detox Diary
  • Alarms San Antonio TX

    it’s pith: you cant gain muscle and burn fat at the same time.

  • Jessyica

    Interesting as I have done both recently so know this is a myth.


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