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State Sen. Ricardo Lara, D Bell Gardens, who voted against SB 405, told CBS News, “If you think plastic bags are single use, you have not met my mother” while Sen. Ted Gaines, R Rocklin, who also voted “no,” pointed out, “All you’ve got to do is go to a local park where someone’s taken their dog and you can understand how you can actually use the bag twice.”.

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wholesale nfl jerseys I can’t find a 512 chip on the net for a Sony Vaio and I may not worry about it. The 256 works fine for my needs and I’m going to leave things alone for a while. Can you spell CLASS ACTION SUIT? SOOOO, if you’re having a problem, power down, unplug, and then unscrew the center plate under the Vaio and remove the chip closest to the back of the laptop that’s the 2 slot.. wholesale nfl jerseys

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