POM Wonderful’s 100% Pomegranate juice: an antioxidant superpower (Day 28)

POM Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice

POM Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice

It looks like my lack of exercise over the last 8 days is finally taking its toll on me. My weight stayed constant at 68.1kg however my Body Fat rose by 0.4% to 17.6%, my Body Water dropped to 56.6% and my Body Muscle dropped 0.3% to 42.8%.  

It was my day off, but as I haven’t been doing any exercise this week and still behind in my posts I resolved to stay focused and get as many posts completed as possible.  

Buckwheat, rice milk, blueberries and agave nectar

Buckwheat, rice milk, blueberries and agave nectar

I bought a bottle of POM Wonderful’s 100% Pomegranate juice the other day. I want to restrict my high GI fruit juice consumption to when my stores of energy are depleted. In theory this state is either first thing after you’ve woken up, since you’ve slept for eight or so hours without eating anything or straight after an intense workout. As I have not been working out this last week the best time for me to consume a high GI juice was therefore first thing in the morning when I woke up. After my pomegranate juice I then had buckwheat with rice milk, blueberries and agave nectar. I discovered buckwheat tastes better in a savoury dish rather than in a sweet breakfast cereal type dish. Quinoa on the other hand is really versatile as it works well both in sweet and savoury dishes.  

During the day I had red lentil and buckwheat soup, herbal teas, some mixed nuts and seeds. I also snacked on banana chips and Iranian dates.  

In the afternoon, my wife wanted to watch Toy Story 3 at the cinema. I had got quite a bit of writing done by this point and decided we both could do with some chill out time. At the cinema I shared pack of chilli flavoured maize snacks and banana chips with my wife. Toy Story 3 is a really good cartoon. I highly recommend watching it. Maybe I shouldn’t admit this but it nearly had me in tears in certain scenes. It reminded me of my toys as child and the attachment I had to them. I could totally relate to Andy’s attachment to his toys and his reluctance to let them go. If you do go to watch it don’t bother watching it in 3D. It didn’t seem to add anything useful to the experience. If anything it took from the experience as the glasses can be really annoying at times. The only movie that I have watched which I would recommend watching in 3D is Avatar. In fact I think you’ve missed an experience of a lifetime if you didn’t catch Avatar at a cinema in 3D.  


In the evening I bought my wife some fish and chips and she made me a really delicious vegetable soup. 

POM Antioxidant Graph

POM Antioxidant Graph

POM Wonderful make many health claims about their product. It was the image of POM’s bottle on a graph compared to other drinks high in antioxidants on the packaging of the bottle that attracted me to give it a go. Antioxidants fight harmful free radicals. Free radicals have been found to be responsible for aging, while consuming antioxidants has been found to increase lifespan. POM Wonderful’s pomegranate juice claims to have more antioxidants in it than other pomegranate juices because they juice the inedible part of the pomegranate as well as the arils. This process will account for the juice’s tart taste.  

Those are the pros of POM Wonderful’s 100% Pomegranate juice. However as with anything there are also cons. It is high in sugar. A 240ml serving contains 34g of sugar. A serving of 240ml of Coca Cola in comparison contains 39g of sugar. Though Coca Cola doesn’t have the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that POM’s 100% Pomegranate juice does. Another negative about POM Wonderful to be aware of is that they have in the past received a warning letter from The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) saying that they should not make claims about their product as if it were a drug without first being approved by the FDA.

September 6th, 2010
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