Pregnant man

Pregnant man

Pregnant man

August 20th, 2010


    are you really having a baby!!!!!and what are you having a boy/girl…….LOL..

  • Shuaibkassidy


  • Francesca5630

    How dare any of you even say he is a pregnant man. He is not a man but a woman who decided to become a man in appearance. HE IS A WOMAN!!! Whether she likes it or not. She has a uterus and ovaries – so a woman!!! I am so disgusted with the world accepting sin as ok – it’s not ok to go against God’s creation and order of things. I wish the media would stop document lies but put down the reality of things. They shouldn’t be calling her a man when clearly she is a woman livinga lesbian lifestyle.

    • musicman

      Well first of all, I don’t see anyone seriously saying that this person is a man (besides me, now). One poster is using pure, cold, black and white logic and the other seems to be pretty sarcastic. Thus, it’s clear that you’re just looking to bait a response. Well you’ve succeeded so, congratulations. You get a gold star.

      I’ve never seen a lesbian who looks like that. This person is clearly a dude. He looks like a man, inside and out. Who the heck are you to question that, and what “God’s plan” is? You’re just an “imperfect person with natural sin”. How can your judgement possibly be correct?

      Why is it that people like you never complain about other medical advancements? Someone who gets cancer, shouldn’t have a cure? You’d probably want yourself, or your loved ones to have a cure if they got afflicted so you’d be ok with that. Someone who gets deformed in an accident shouldn’t get reconstructive surgery? Again, you’d probably be ok with that considering that you’d want it for yourself, friends, and family if such an accident were to occur. Someone is born in the wrong body for their brain, always feels like something is wrong with them, but that’s where you draw the line? It’s weird, because these are all diagnosable medical conditions. I don’t get your “logic.”

      Additionally, If you want to be technical, humans have been going against “God’s creation and order of things” since we first evolved. The first person to figure out how to create fire went against “God’s order” as we weren’t supposed to be able to create it when we needed it. If we were “supposed to” have fire when we needed it, don’t you think your God would have made it so we could produce it physiologically? Subsequently, we “weren’t supposed” to be able to cultivate materials, clockwork mechanics, steam power, nuclear power, all leading up to the computer you typed your moronic comment on 3 days ago.

      Your God did however give us the minds that allowed us to create these modern marvels that we have today. Your God allows us to redefine who we are through the ages, and because you don’t see a reference to it in your book you just reject it. Wake up, people are going to keep progressing society, and pushing the limits of what humanity is capable of. It’s gonna push your buttons (and others like you) and you’ll just keep complaining like a good little Bible thumper. It’s you (and others like you) who’s going against your God by wasting your God given mental and physical abilities by staying a nice, subservient, “good Christian woman.” Enjoy your wasted life, naysayer.

      • Guest101

        You sound like such an idiot. I suggest you do your research before you go running that ugly mouth you have. SHE had a sex change. & If you were an intelligent human being you would know that being a MAN it is IMPOSSIBLE to concieve a child. & I wouldn’t go say “bible thumper this.. bible thumper that..” Because MR MUSICMAN, ID RATHER BE A BIBLE THUMPER than a sorry excuse for a human being who will probably suffer eternal damn nation since you keep saying “your GOD” You just wait… I’d love to see your face when your proved VERY WRONG. It is wrong to have feelings or have intercourse with the same sex. ADAM & EVE- not ADAM & STEVE.
        May God bless you Musicman, I shall pray upon your behalf.

        • Rorry

          Are you a moron? Eternal damnation (which is one word by the way)? I’d laugh to see your childs face when you die & sit right there in our grave. Your god is a silly character in a storybook, which was inspired by goodwill, but corrupted to conquer. Adam & Steve don’t like pussy, get over it, or gtfo.
          May someone close to you die for my amusement.
          Musicman’s post was very educated & well stated, you’re just a fool looking to belittle your sins by juxtaposing them to others.
          p.s. 9/11 was your fault.

          • Ali Zaidi

            Seriously guys, you all need to calm your responses down a bit. Or I shall start deleting your comments. No more cursing each other or wishing death on people!

        • pig

          yea god bless u

      • Guest101

        Thomas Beatie, another transgender man, chose to become pregnant because his wife was infertile; he wrote an article about the experience in The Advocate. The Washington Post further broadened the story on March 25 when blogger Emil Steiner called Beatie the first “legally” pregnant man on record, in reference to the state of Oregon recognizing Beatie as a man. He gave birth to a girl on June 29, 2008. Barbara Walters announced Beatie’s second pregnancy on The View, and Beatie gave birth to a boy on June 9, 2009. In Beatie’s third pregnancy, a boy was born on August 3, 2010. Previously, the couple told Barbara Walters that they ordered sperm and used a standard turkey baster at home to impregnate Beatie each time. Hard to swallow mucicman?

      • Andrew Dahl

        Thank you.

        • educatedchristian

          SHE was created a woman, and still is a woman playing and pretending to be a man. She can look and masquarade as a man all that she wants but she was and still is a WOMAN. Truth does offend but it is a choice to be offended. Live in truth and there would be no reason to be offended. God is God over all whether you believe in him now or not. Yes, many choose to go against God’s creation. Unfortunately this is what society has come to in the technological and progressive advancement age. That does not mean that we will continue on this cycle. Do you not see the constant destruction occurring daily because of human behavior? No, we will not continue on in this manner unless we all die.

          • Cam

            Ok I’m gonna set this straight. God is a belief not a fact. However when a woman is born she is forever a woman and no matter what, she does not have a Y chromosome and can never be a man even if she has her vagina mutilated into a penis shape. And vise versa for a guy. He will always be a guy because he will always have a Y chromosome even if he gets his dick chopped up into a vaginal shape and takes hormones to sound and look female. Now maybe some day scientists will discover a way to give girls the Y chromosome and take boys’ Y chromosome away. Until then men are men and women are women.

            The argument about God and Christianity and blah blah blah is retarded because neither side can be proven. Christians can’t prove God exists nor can anyone prove he doesn’t. If God is real and judgement day comes then so be it; all of us sinners will rot in hell forever. What the hell do you care? Just go be that ‘perfect’ Christian and go to heaven. If you Christians are wrong then you’ll just live a long boring life and at the end you’ll just decompose like every other creature on this planet. Which is guess is better than being right and going to hell.

            Finally, that woman is not a pregnant man because she does not have a Y chromosome. While she and everyone who knows her can call her a man because thats what she wants she is not a man. Legally she is declared a man but technically she is not.

            End of story.

    • Andrew Dahl

      You, my friend, are a fucking moron.

    • Xxwickedcharmanderxx

      If she tries to look like a man that badly, she obviously would prefer to be called a man. Keep your religion out of this you swine. What do you mean How dare I? Stfu kid.

      • anonymous

        this does not have nothing to do with religion. religion is part of the place where you warship by a particular faith. the word of God is what he consider sin and he means what he said when he Created Adam male and Eve female. he did not make a mistake. what right do people have to change what God has created. if she want to be a man she should not carry a baby. she should get a penis. shes confuse and so are you.

    • Blah

      God doesn’t make mistakes now, does she?

    • anonymous

      in agree with everything you said. there is no need for me to repeat it. God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah , for this type of sin. she is a women having a child like she was created to. the only people who are confused with who they are is her wanting to be a man , but have a bay like a women, because the “significant other ” can’t bear children, due to health complications. she don’t know if she want to be a man ofr a women. and thta thing and any other ones like it will not be entering the kingdom of God.

  • Naijah Marshall

    that is so funny nasteeeeeeee!

  • Sparklegirl

    wholy !@#@#$@$$!#$%#$%#$%$#5 pregnant man!!! :(

  • how can i get pregnant

    Pregnant man, Thomas Beatie, tells Barbara Walters he is expecting again. Thomas gave birth to daughter Susan last year and he and wife.

  • F Crismann

    Francesca is right! god gave woman the gift of carrying life inside them….that is just a woman with a hairy face and small breasts.

  • Chicken

    maybe he was born as a woman but she had a sex change!?

  • Bartha kippy

    i think your fat and gay


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