also is the eighth postseason meeting

The Seattle Rainiers played at Sick’s Stadium, located near Rainier Avenue South and South McClellan Street, where a Lowe’s Hardware store now stands. This photo shows the Rainiers and Oakland Acorns before the season’s home opener on April 18, 1945. The Seattle Rainiers played at Sick’s Stadium, located near Rainier Avenue South and South McClellan Street, where a Lowe’s Hardware store now stands.

cheap jerseys Delicious! It also is the eighth postseason meeting between these teams, with the Cowboys up 4 3, but Green Bay having won the most recent meeting in 2014. Dallas handled Green Bay in Week 6, winning 30 16 at Lambeau Field, but the Packers roll in sizzling with seven consecutive wins by a combined 223 125, and Rodgers is 18 0 on TD/picks in that run. I trust Rodgers a lot and an outright upset would not surprise, especially if Jordy Nelson (ribs) is playing. cheap jerseys

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