It took a little more than a week

It took a little more than a week, but it was inevitable that someone outside Vick’s hometown besides PETA would find a way to make a spectacle out of the news.The California team’s president and general manager, Steven Bash, said his “players, coaches and staff spend every day working in the professional sports world, and many of us are also devoted dog owners. We feel as sports professionals it is necessary to bring awareness to animal abuse, particularly the intolerable injustices associated with dogfighting.”So at the game, there will be special events such as a ceremonial doggie first pitch, a doggie beauty contest, skateboarding bulldogs, wiener dog races and doggie washes.Anyone who brings toys or treats or cleaning supplies for abused and abandoned dogs will receive tickets for a later game.”It’s creative,” said Dan Shannon, assistant director of campaigns for Norfolk based PETA, a group that knows the meaning of creative protests. It is coming down hard on Vick too, and the organizations and companies affiliated with him.”But it’s indicative of the outrage people feel about this kind of thing.

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