Each story is the same where they hurt everyone around them

CHICO Understandably, the Chico Outlaws and St. George RoadRunners didn’t want to give Mother Nature a chance to spoil their series finale. Neither team probably counted on daylight for the seventh inning stretch, though. Today, Ancel buys baseball memorabilia the way that stockbrokers deal in commodities. The auction occurs by phone, a telephone circuit in which bidders are called throughout the day and told the latest and highest bid. Most of the bids start in the morning at about $5,000 and end in five to six figure buys in the middle of the next night..

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Legacy 76′s Jermain Reid had two of the best of either

It was a relatively open and evenly played match with each team producing chances. Legacy 76′s Jermain Reid had two of the best of either, but narrowly missed in the penalty area late in the first half with an open look on goal and as regulation waned following a perfect setup by Jamestown graduate Jeff Wolons. Wolons gained possession on the right and went straight at a backpedaling defender, causing him to stumble and fall before Wolons slotted the pass for Reid..

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