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You’re Not Dreaming: This Runway Look Is Real-Life Magic

There are certain artists out there who’ve got that ability to transport us straight back to that age when everything seemed like it was touched by magic. Whether it’s Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirror Room or Jeffrey Koons’ “balloon” sculptures, we appreciate any time we get 1:1 replica hermes 35cm soufre epsom sellier kelly with gold hardware to shed our jaded, seen-it-all adult skin for pure more info, childlike awe. And now, it’s time to add another piece of art to that list of wizards: Armani.Photo: Rex USA. Tucked between a parade of smart suits and red carpet-destined gowns during yesterday’s Armani Prive couture show was this one particular dress that seemed like it was woven from the night sky. Made in the same inky-black as the background and runway, the dress is covered in a swath of pom poms stars/fireflies/fairy dust that hovered around the model 1:1 replica hermes azap black womens as she came down the runway. Sure, the front-view shots might reveal that the stars might have been held in place by a black tulle veil (click through for that shot, if you’re feeling like being a killjoy), but for just a moment this morning, we felt pretty awesome visualizing Giorgio orchestrating a court of pixies in his 1:1 replica hermes alfred mens atelier.And if Hippolyta’s not attending this year’s Met Ball, we can think of a few starlets worthy of these starlets. Leave your suggestions for deserving queens, please — see you in the comments!Photo: MCV Photo.

Yeah, yeah, now you know. Now, click back to bask in the magic again, spoilsport!




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