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The holiday season is near and in addition to

Throughout her career, Columbia Law School Professor Carol Sanger has parsed tricky legal issues affecting families: the contractual rights of birth mothers of adopted children, infant safe haven laws and the future of civil marriage. Few subjects are more fraught than a woman’s right to choose, and few experts have more to say on the subject than Sanger. Supreme Court will hear arguments in Whole Woman’s Health v.

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Bill Shatford (93) was married to Joyce for 71 years and they raised eight children. Bill was a Toronto Blue Jays fan, a World War II Veteran, he loved to sing and he liked telling others about his love for the Lord. He was a lifetime regional pioneer in the Prince George area and a 60 year member and Past Exalted Ruler of the Elks Lodge 122..

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They’re very happy with our ownership group. Very objectively, looking at the data, there’s nobody in a better position than us.”. The Baltimore Ravens are poised to deliver the killing blow to the Pittsburgh Steelers final chance to overtake them in the AFC North. In the past, the Ravens have proven to be one of the AFC better teams but somehow have always fallen short of lofty expectations. Even with the absence of Ray Lewis, this year edition of the Ravens have had Super Bowl hopes.

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