My results for the 120 day fat loss competition

Right guys, a couple of days ago I reached the 120th day of the 120 Day Fat Loss Competition.

Judging by the spreadsheet (private for participants only) I’m the first person to have reached the finishing line. It seems a lot of people dropped out during the course of the competition, while others are approaching the end of their 120 day time period. Here are my results:

On Day 1 I weighed 69.4kg and on Day 120 I weighed 63.9kg. That is a weight loss of 5.5kg.

On Day 1 my waist size was 91cm and on Day 120 my waist size was 79.8cm. That is a waist size drop of 11.2cm.

On Day 1 my body fat percentage was 24.6% and on Day 120 my body fat percentage was 14.5%. That is a body fat percentage drop of 10.1%.

A graph of my daily progress can be seen here:

120 Day Fat Loss Competition Results for Ali Zaidi

120 Day Fat Loss Competition Results for Ali Zaidi

I made the most progress in the first 60 days. In the last 60 days my progress slowed down considerably.

If you’re still participating, do update the spreadsheet and let me know your results once you’re finished. The leader in each category will continuously be updated as the results come in. As I’m the first to finish it seems I am the current leader in all three categories :-P

So what are my plans for my diet now? I haven’t reached my body fat percentage goal of 8%. This is no easy task! It takes a long term commitment and a permanent shift in dietary behaviour. The first day after the competition was over I binged on Medjool and Iranian dates. I’ve been ill these last few weeks, and so went out and bought some fruit. I’ve been feeling a lot better since re-introducing fruit into my diet. After an initial binge, my intention is to go onto a more balanced diet so that my overall health is optimum whilst tweaking it to continue to lose body fat – but at a more gradual pace. As the competition is over for me, I feel there is no longer an urgency to lose body fat, but I do feel that it’s important to continue the battle until I reach my goal of 8% body fat – or at least getting to visible abs territory. I do not feel the need to sacrifice overall health for urgent fat loss. I believe I need to have a long term permanent plan in place.

Let me know who you’re doing. And good luck at beating my initial results!



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